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Salts series products
1.Salt series
(1)Vacuum fined baysalt, Powder salt, Clean powder salt, Solar salt
(2)All kinds of salt with calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, lactoflavin;
MSG salt, snowflake salt
2.Others: sausage-casing salt, salt particles, livestock salt,
leather salt, pickling salt
3.Health series salt: Foot Bath Salt, bath salt
4.Snow salt/ snow-melting agent
Chemical series products
1.Methyl phenol 2.8 bromine ether
3. mixture phenol 4.sodium sulfite 5. sulfate acid 6.Industrial brumine
Industrial Salt series products
1.It is high quality primary salt according to teh requirement of film with chloride ions.
2.It is teh superior salt according to teh salt particles requirement.
3.It is teh salt according to teh special salt requirement. is the large particle baysalt according to teh Industrial Salt and table salt requirements
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