Product cate
Salts series products
1.Salt series
(1)Vacuum fined baysalt, Powder salt, Clean powder salt, Solar salt
(2)All kinds of salt with calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, lactoflavin;
MSG salt, snowflake salt
2.Others: sausage-casing salt, salt particles, livestock salt,
leather salt, pickling salt
3.Health series salt: Foot Bath Salt, bath salt
4.Snow salt/ snow-melting agent
Chemical series products
1.Methyl phenol 2.8 bromine ether
3. mixture phenol 4.sodium sulfite 5. sulfate acid
Industrial Salt series products
1.It is high quality primary salt according to teh requirement of film with chloride ions.
2.It is teh superior salt according to teh salt particles requirement.
3.It is teh salt according to teh special salt requirement. is the large particle baysalt according to teh Industrial Salt and table salt requirements
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Shandong Caiyangzi Saltworks was founded in 1959, and it is located in the south west bank of Bo Sea Laizhou Bay and the north of Shouguang. Two half courts formed naturally and it is in the north warm belt and more than 4 billion liter high proportion salt water under ground which offer rich source for the development of salt. The factory covers an area of 22.8 square kilometers. There are 1200 employees and the total assets of the factory can be 230 million yuan and there are ten second grade units, ten departments. The enterprise is the largest national table salt production enterprise which is the branch of Shandong Salt Industry Group.

The enterprise sticks to the philosophy the people-oriented and to develop the enterprise with science and technology. There are three series and more than ten sorts of products and the production style of it is" Take table salt as the guide industry and takes fined chemical as the key, and based with primary salt”

The annual productivity: Salts550 thousand tons, crude salt 500 thousand tons, Methyl phenol 5,000tons, 8 bromine ether 4,000tons and the main products Vacuum fined bay salt can be sold to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shanghai, Anhui and more than 14 cities and areas and a large amount of the products can be sold to the USA, Japan, South Korea, India, the Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The enterprise is the leader in the field and it is the state-owned large scale salt industry enterprise. It has passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Certificated System, and the Yuchun Brand fined table salt has been the famous brand in Shandong province, Shandong province famous products and China Health Food. The enterprise has been awarded as the "China Light Industry Politics Progressed Enterprise", "Shandong First Light Industry Prior Enterprise","Shandong Light Industry Awarded Enterprise", "Shandong Double Civilized Enterprise","Shandong Salt Industry Prior Enterprise", "Shandong Salt Industry Politic Prior Enterprise", "Shandong Light Industry Top 50 Enterprises", "Weifanf Civilized Units", and "Weifang Harmonious Enterprises" and so on.

The enterprise has the self-exported right and it is near to the entrance of Yiyang Railway and Yangkou Harbor and it is 60 miles from Weifanf Yangzi Hargor and It is 180 miles from Jinan and Qingdao Airports, 15 miles from Rongwu Highway. And the under building railway is near to it. The transportation is convenient. The enterprise tries to build civilized enterprises with first class benefit and the business philosophy is "People-oriented, and try to be outstanding". To keep step to the times and to be creative is the great motivation of the enterprise.

Shandong Cai Yangzi Salt Factory is located in the most great land and the general manager and party secretary Yang Guofu together with all the employees, welcome all the customers to the factory both at home and abroad to embrace a bright future.

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